Nevada Days…A Wrap!

Photo of four individuals holding up their Nevada State ID's and Rucksack bottles of wine as they enjoyed our celebration of "Nevada Days"

Fun with our friends from the East!

This past weekend, across all of Apple Hill, was our annual community celebration of our neighbors to the east. We welcomed anyone and everyone who resides in the state of Nevada and treated them like; kings, queens, princes, princesses or maybe just club members for the day. (But isn’t that the same thing really???) As their closest “wine country,” we wanted them to know how much we appreciate their patronage.

As it is every year on the anniversary of the founding of the State of Nevada, it was so wonderful to welcome back old friends and catch up, in addition to all the new friends we made and can not wait to see throughout the year.

If you live in Nevada and missed this year’s festivities, keep an eye out for our Nevada Days Celebration 2024, which will always be toward the end of October, right around the foundation date of the state of Nevada.

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