Why Wait In Line…?

Image of a close-up of grilled panini on a paper plate with the text in front of it reading, "If You're not at Rucksack...you're missing out!"

…When you can be enjoying WINE, panini, sweet potato fries and charcuterie.

This is the last Saturday and Sunday (12-4pm) of October, and your last chance to come hang out at Rucksack and enjoy the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of our tasting area overlooking the incredible colors of our beautiful fall vineyard.

We certainly do not want you to miss out on those uniquely Apply Hill experiences. So in between those wonderful farms where you can pick up your locally grown apples, pumpkins, fruits and berries (Don’t forget the chocolates, pies, juices and other treats), stop by Rucksack to re-set, re-charge and relax. We just happen to be perfectly located in between all your favorite farms. If you are new coming up to the area, ask Douglas or anyone else working at Rucksack for our favorite farm recommendations…you might be pleasantly surprised by some hidden gems.

Below are our delicious food options that have been meticulously paired with our wine flight offerings. Oh, and by the way, they are perfectly sized to share amongst your table. (So don’t be afraid to try more than one)

Wine Flight – $15

Sweet Potato Fries and two aioli – $10

Wine and Fry combo – $20

Panini – $15

Charcuterie Board – 22.50 (small) 35.00 (large)

Halloween Candy – FREE

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