A Bit of a Facelift

“Wait…was that Rucksack we just flew past on Camino Road, I have always wanted to stop there, but I never knew where it was.”

I literally had an industry customer from another winery, just down the road, say that exact phrase to me. Not to mention, I have heard similar statements from customers since I began managing here in May of this year. We definitely needed to take some action to encourage people to actually stop instead of saying, “well, maybe next time.” So…in the last few weeks, we have been making some changes here at Rucksack to the entry of our tasting area, and it seems to be working!

In addition to some new, more colorful signs that now line the road in front of our tasting area, we have added some flowers, moved our official Apple Hill Growers sign to closer to our actual entrance and a brand new beautiful gate. Curb appeal and easier to find! We want to make sure that you can see and find us as easily as possible.

The Rucksack wines that have always been of the highest quality are now building a reputation that is growing more and more every week and we want to absolutely look the part, and be as welcoming to our customers (our friends) as we can.

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