Going, Going….Gone!


Come in and pick up the last few bottles (or cases) of a few varieties of which we are running low.

As exciting as it is to be harvesting the next vintages, and it really is, I tried the Chenin Blanc and Riesling today and they are showing the initial signs of being really special. It can also be exciting (and a little sad) when you start selling out of varieties that you released earlier this year. It is exciting because when you sell out of something, you know that people really enjoyed the wines that were created. It can be sad, because you know soon, that wine will be gone and no wine created in the future will ever be EXACTLY the same. That is just a fact of the wine business.

So if any of the following wines are some of YOUR favorites…please come in and get them before they are gone. Remember, all of our wines here at Rucksack are $24 per bottle. 5% off for 6-11 bottles (10% for club members) and 15% off for 12 or more bottles (20% for club members).

Wines we are running low on:

2020 Pinot Noir (less than a case remaining)

2017 Cache (less than a case remaining)

2020 GSM (6 cases)

2022 Barbera Rose (less than a case remaining)

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