Open This Weekend

fall-tasting-area-2Rucksack is open this weekend from Friday -Sunday, 11-5.  Stop by and enjoy the beautiful fall days with our outdoor tasting experience!  We look forward to seeing you here!

We are tasting 5 wines for $5.00 and you get to keep the go-vino glass.  We are working on being paperless and sustainable, so bring your glass back and the tasting is complimentary!

This week’s line-up of five wines includes our Chardonnay, Barbera-Rose, Seco, Cache, and Barbera!  Come explore with us!

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Rucksack is Open

This weekend, we had a very soft opening, to see how things would work, and we were thrilled with the outpouring of support!  We look forward to seeing you here at the outdoor tasting room sometime in the future!

Open Thursday-Sunday – 11-5pm.

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A Snapshot of the Vineyards

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, I was in France pouring our Malbec at the International Malbec Days while Maggie was home planting the new vineyards at Rucksack. We had removed the old, cut-over Christmas tree farm, prepared the land (disked and cross-disked), and proceeded to plant just over 4 acres of Cabernet Franc and an acre of Chenin Blanc. OK, yes, my job was easy as I was eating and drinking in France while Maggie was actually sweating in the fields and repairing broken equipment. But let’s not digress…

DSC_6515So a snapshot today of the same piece of land would show something entirely different.

  1. An irrigation system that not only waters the entire vineyard, but is immediately expandable to irrigate the 6 fallow acres yet to be planted
  2. A vertical-shoot positioned (VSP) trellising system with one fruiting wire and six-positioning wires
  3. A maintained natural cover crop (as we see what we have), mowed down to a manageable level
  4. Cabernet Franc vines that are reaching for the heavens if not already out on the fruiting wire
  5. Four rows of Chenin Blanc ready to produce some grapes this year
  6. Most of the block of Chenin Blanc was grafted this year, expecting a crop next year
  7. And two rows of our old clone of Thompson Seedless from Madroña planted for pure enjoyment

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Welcome to Rucksack Cellars

Comfortable and worn, a rucksack embodies our desire to discover life away from the ordinary.  It is with this same spirit of discovery that we produce our wines, each an expression of the varied climate and soils of the Sierra Foothills appellation.  Join us as we explore this exciting world of wine.

We are located at 3030 Carson Road.  We open the first weekend in May, and close mid-December.  Our hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 12-5!

We look forward to seeing you! Cheers!

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Projected Opening

2010-02-05 05.28.34Hello Rucksack Fans!

It looks like the scheduled opening for Rucksack will be in June 2016!  We are excited to share the new wines that will be ready for you!  Check back as we get the information up on them, but for now, you can purchase them through the Madrona Store!

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Curtin - pano green-2-4We are moving dirt!  The vineyards are growing!  Moving forward feels great!

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Bassi Falls – May 2014

Bassi Falls- the TopSurprisingly, this was a new hike for our family, but well worth the trip.  The best time to see the falls is late April into May when the run-off is at its height.  One enjoyable aspect of this hike is that it is a great afternoon location, about 35 minutes outside of Placerville.  While the falls are beautiful destination, the hike to the top is short, steep, and well worth the view!



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