The Inaugural Rucksack Cellars Spring Wine Club Selection

March, 2017

As many people know, one of the basic ideas behind Rucksack Cellars is to get people exploring the Sierra Foothills through wine.  Not only is our appellation wonderfully diverse, but the expression of the foothills is truly unique. You, as one of the original members (with emphasis on “origin”), have expressed your interest in learning more about the Sierra Foothills.

We knew that the selection of wines for our inaugural shipment needed to something truly as special as our region.  Thus we have chosen wines with styles found nowhere else in the world: a cellared white wine, a red wine embracing its acidity, and a red with an expression of elegance from a variety most often pushed over its limits.

Our first wine, the 2013 Maranne-Rousanne Rucksack Cellars is that wonderful combination of sister varieties originating in Rhône Valley of France. For us, we have discovered that these two varieties marry the rounded palate and subtle fruit of Marsanne exquisitely with the more tropical nature of Roussanne. Both relatively rich and unctuous wines (with higher pH levels), this inherently luscious texture fills the senses. But here’s the kicker—it’s the cellaring of this wine that brings it all together. At just under four years old, the two varieties are just starting to intertwine into a seamless wine. Marsanne and Roussanne age impeccably well, and this expression of the Sierra Foothills is just coming into its own!

The second wine in this spring’s selection is our 2014 Barbera Rucksack Vineyards. Undoubtedly one of the most successful varieties of the Sierra Foothills, Barberas can be found in almost all of the appellations making up the Sierra Foothill appellation. The characters of dark cherry and berry fruit can be found in each wine, but our 2014 sets itself apart as a wine that embraces the variety’s naturally higher acidity. With a nod to our warmer California days and a wink to classic Italian elegance, our Rucksack Barbera has the dense intensity framed with vibrant acidity, all within a softer tannin palate. This Barbera is the quintessential food wine!

The third wine to grace your shipment is the 2014 Pinot Noir Rucksack Cellars. The hallmark of this mountain-grown Pinot is its purity. Enticingly complex, the fruit is layered with spice and earthy notes throughout. Pinot Noir is so often “over-done” and manipulated to be a mere shadow of the variety, but this wine expresses the essence of variety when grown in the high-acid soils of the Sierra Nevada. And with such a small production (23 cases), getting a taste of this wine before the masses made it a “must-have” in our first club shipment.

We truly hope you enjoy the Spring 2017 Rucksack Cellars Wine Club Shipment, and may live the Sierras with each sip.



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